Free CRM available to good home! And why we wanted to do it…

Tom C W
3 min readNov 13, 2020

We — Tom Watson (The Good Ship) and Tom French — have been working together on developing a super-simple CRM in Airtable for voluntary sector organisations. And we want to share it with you today to see if anyone would be interested in using it — for free, of course — and helping us to understand if it has legs. If that’s enough for you to get in touch, then drop us a line!

If, perhaps quite rightly, you need to know more about why we’ve done this, what it entailed and what’s in it for us then please read on…

Screenshot of simple CRM

What’s CRM?

Well, it’s acronym stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’. And, in short, we see it as a place to document and understand the people and organisations you work with as part of a project or organisation. Furthermore, it’s a way to understand what those relationships mean in terms of what you do or how you communicate with them. As a result of doing this well, a project or organisation can collect data in a way that means it has everything it needs to tell a story in the right way for the right people.

So what?

Our experience of working in the voluntary sector has highlighted two things related to this:

  1. For a whole host of reasons, people find it hard to collect data about what they do in a…



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